Jimbaran Bay seafood restaurant and Kedonganan fish markets

Bali is one of the largest fish producer in Indonesia. Jimbaran bay is the center of fish producer in Bali. They sellthe best quality of fish among all markets. They opened from 5 am – 10 pm, you can head to the market around 10 am where the locals sell their fresh morning catch. If you are coming at the right time, you can buy the fish when the fisherman is unloading their catch. The price is also cheaper than it is after they sell it in the market. This place is located Kedonganan Village, Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung Regency only 10 minutes from Alindra Villa.

Tourist likes to go to Kedonganan fish market to see the fresh fish and then you can ask them to grill it. There are also hundreds of the seafood restaurant along the road. It is well known as the Jimbaran bay restaurant. They sell fresh oyster, various types of fish, squids, clams, scallops, crab, shrimp,octopus, prawn, etc. While waiting for the foods to grill, you can bring your child to play on the beach or waiting for the sunset. Jimbaran is well known with the beautiful sunset. Many people likes to surf or swim in Jimbaran beach. If you choose to have dinner at one of the restaurant, you can go straight to the counter to choose what would you like to eat then you can go to the table that was set up on the beach while waiting for you fish. Don’t forget to taste the whole young coconut, it will freshen you up and get ready to dinner. While having your dinner there are some musician that will get around the tables and singing for you. You can request some song and they will sing while their friend are playing the traditional musical instruments. They can sing in so many different languages. Enjoy!


Souvenir Shop two minutes walk from Alindra Villa

Are you looking for some souvenirs to give to your friends and family? There is a new souvenir shop near Alindra villa. It only 100 metre or 2 minutes walk from Alindra villa. It is located in jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai no. 18 Jimbaran. It is on the main road just before you arrived at Alindra villa. They sell some artworks like painting, handicrafts, silver, T-shirt, sarong, and snacks. Instead of going to the local market, you can buy your souvenirs just before you go to the airport. You don’t have to bargain for the price because in Unagi they have a fixed price.

They also sell some handicrafts like handmade bags, handmade accessories, wooden carving. If you like to massage, they sell some massage oil, incense, aromatherapy, traditional soaps, and bath salt. You can ask our driver to stop by to Unagi before you arrived in the villa or before they drop you to the airport since we have free return airport transfer.


Samasta Bali: Samasta Lifestyle Village, Jimbaran

Samasta lifestyle Jimbaran is the newest place to chill out, relax and hang out with your friends and family. It opens at 10 am until 11 pm. It is located in the heart of Jimbaran. Only 5 minutes from Kedonganan seafood restaurant, 15 minutes from Nusa dua area and 10 minutes from the nearest beach. There are so many tenants in this place like coffee shops, restaurant, dessert, souvenir shops even supermarkets and house of traps for your children entertainment. You can try a freshly roasted coffee at Tanamera coffee, taste the authentic Balinese cuisine at Base-base, also don’t forget to try the famous korean dessert at Pat Bing Soo.

Samasta also have the famous restaurants like Wahaha pork ribs, Buns and meat a gourmet handcrafted pork burger, Chir – chir a Korean fusion chicken factory, Saigon cafe the Vietnamese food, Fish & Co, Gaya Gelato, and the famous NOH! by Pison. They also have a dancing fountains every hours. It’s very beautiful at night. Another interesting place for your kids in Samasta is House of Traps. It’s like a labyrinth where you can go alone or even with a group of friends. Players will be locked in rooms and have to use elements of the rooms to solve a series of puzzles, finish the mission and escape within 45 minutes.They have several concepts and each one has different story and difficulty.

Every weekend in this March, Samasta have a Bali dance performance and sometimes they have an art show and curated market. For the girls, They have a Asamula designer goods, Periplus, Nail story and Spa. Samasta will also be the home of the first Mövenpick Resort & Spa in Indonesia, a 5 star hotel from Switzerland and retail spaces with selected specialists. You don’t need to go anywhere else because this place is a complete shopping hub in Jimbaran area.


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