Once in a while, you might have the urge and extra budget to splash during your holiday. Here are some of ideas for your well-deserved luxurious holiday in Bali:

1. Food


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Bali has always been known as melting pot for people throughout the world. People from different countries come to Bali and contribute many things such as culture, fashion and cuisine.  Should you like to feel the international taste experience in the heart of Bali, here are some of our recommendations for you.

  • Sarong

Founded on 2008, Sarong is the flagship restaurant owned by Celebrity Chef Will Meyrick, who is also known as Street Food Chef. He developed the concept after setting up several successful restaurants around Pacific Asia. This restaurant serves traditional Asian recipes with a high-end twist.Sarong is a unique place to spend your evening with accompaniment of taste from all around Asia and cocktail lounge. Make sure you made an advanced booking before coming to this restaurant that is located on Jalan Petitenget 19, Seminyak.

  • La Lucciola

As the name suggest, this restaurant serves Italian cuisine. Brunch menu is the most popular menu choice in this by the beach restaurant.The new Italian chef offers classic Mediterranean fare with a touch of Asian spice. The way to this restaurant is by passing through the parking lot of the famous Petitenget Temple.


2. Hangouts

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Bali offers a lot of entertainment to hangout from morning till dawnfor the night owls. Here are some of our recommendations for you who crave forsomething a little more than just your average hangout.

  • SOS Supper Club

A perfect place to hangout, danceand dine while enjoying the sunset. SOS Supper Club designed by combining fine dining, open-air restaurant, cocktail bar and clubbing. SOS Supper Club is the signature lounge of Anantara Seminyak Bali that is located at the beachfront end of Jalan Dhyana Pura, Seminyak.

  • Potato Head

It’s one of the best places to enjoy sunset either from the restaurant, bar or beachfront bar side. They offer classic-modern ambience with incredible beach view as well as serving varieties of food and beverages. With direct access to the beach, this place will give you a memorable and fun experience. 

  • Omnia Bali

Omnia Bali is newly opened extravagant dayclub that offer unique experience atop a 100 meters plateau overlooking beautiful ocean view below. Located in Uluwatu, near the famous Uluwatu Temple, Omnia Bali is adjacent to Sake No Hana, a modern authentic Japanese Restaurant from London’s St James Street.


3. Culture – Devdan Show

devdan show

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Do you want to see treasure of the Indonesian Archipelago? Why don’t you try watching Bali’s newest and lately one of the most popular cultural shows, Devdan Show. It’s a spectacular show exclusively being performed at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre. Devdan Show is the wonderful blend between traditional dance of Bali, Java, Borneo, Sumatra, and Papua.With modern contemporary dance accompanied by hip-hop music and dance, this show is even more entertaining and captivating.


4. Night life

night life

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What can’t Bali provide? Either it’s during day or night, Bali will always be ready to provide your needs for all the good time you can get. Here are some recommendations for exclusive nightlife with best music and good ambience to party.

  • Mirror Lounge and Bar

This is the newest high end nightclub in the hip and fashionable Seminyak area. What makes Mirror different from any other lounge and bar? It is decorated with high-end and unique design that resembles Gothic Cathedral. With high ceilings, hanging lamps, laser lights and the roof made of glass; this place might give you the feeling of awe and amazement. Located on Jalan Petitenget No. 106, Seminyak.

  • Jenja Restaurant and Club

Jenja presents a one stop dining and nightlife entertainment in Bali on its luxurious and warm ambience two storey building. Offering you a night full of new experiences, entertainment, textures and flavors during dinner, at the bar and until the late hours with the simple “Casual Chic” dress code applies. Jenja located between Legian and Seminyak area on Jalan Nakula 532XX, Kuta.


5. Shopping

For all the shopaholics who come to Bali with the main purpose of spending, here are some of the best places for shopping in Bali.

  • Seminyak Street
  • Bamboo Blonde
  • Jemme Jewellery
  • Biasa Bali
  • Magali Pascal
  • Lulu Yasmine
  • Buro
  • Jenggala


Are you looking for branded and qualified designs for your attire? The best choice will be along the Seminyak Street, a road filled with high end shopping boutiques and brand outlets. Moreover, the street alsofeatures row of designer labels, homewares and furniture, handicraft and contemporary artwork line. Most of the street side shopping starts from the corner of Jalan Raya Legian and right up to Jalan Laksmana (also known as Jalan Kayu Aya).

  • Beachwalk Mall

One of the most famous shopping center in Kuta Area. With international chain stores and restaurants, you can get anything you need here. It definitely is a sight for sore eyes.


6. Romantic places

Having a candle lite dinner in the exotic Bali might be the dream for your partner. There are lots of romantic places for you to bring your loved one and make them feel the new and different experience.

  • Metis

If you’re looking French cuisine with authentic Balinese setting, this is one of recommendation for you, Metis Restaurant. They have beautiful venue overlooking the paddy fields, it’s perfect for you and your loved one. This venue is suitable for all-day dining and any occasion. Located on Jalan Petitenget No.6, Seminyak.

  • Rock Bar

The infamous Rock Bar, part of Ayana Resort & Spa located at the top of a cliff is stunning sunset scenery. You can spend a romantic evening even just for hangout while enjoying a night on the edge of Jimbaran Sea.


7. Water sport

Doing some water sport in Bali is a must. There are many variations of water sport activity to do, such as parasailing, banana boat, flying fish, water ski, rolling donut and etc. Here are water sports recommendations you should try.

  • Fly Board

It’s a newest extreme water sport in Bali. Learning to operate the Fly Board is much easier than you might think. Don’t worry; the instructors will give you a proper instruction. It is easier if you experienced with watersports and having natural ability. A fly board rider is able to fly up to 5 meters in the air or to dive headlong through the water. Professional fly boarders are able to fly up to 10 meters in the air just like Iron Man!


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  • Rafting

If you like a challenge, you should try rafting in Bali. You can try in several rivers in Bali such as TelagaWaja River, Ayung River, and Melangit or Bakas Levi Rafting.


8. Kid Activities

Having a holiday in Bali with family must be an exciting time for everyone. However, it might be a little bit hard to find kids friendly place where you can get more experience while learning on your vacation. Do you want to know some of the fun places to bring your kids in Bali?

  • Bali Treetop Adventure Park

It’s located on Botanical Garden Bedugul. This park is suitable for fun activities set out in an open air environment for families. You can bring your kids to do some fun outing such as adventure circuits from one tree to another around 2-20 meters, 72 challenges such as Suspended Bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings, et cetera. There’s also 12 flying fox with 160 meters length.

bali tree top

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  • Waterbom

A good place to bring your kids even for only swimming, relaxing on the pool or even test your adrenaline. Although this place is full with challenging games such as Smash down, Macaroni, Jungle Ride, Raft River, Bogie Ride, Lazy River, Race Track, Boomerang, and Super Bowl, no need to worry because all the rides are child friendly. Located on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta.



Although the West Bali part is not as popular as the other part, west part of Bali can offer many interesting places and attraction. If you plan to stay a little bit longer in Bali, this West Side area can be a new place for you to try to explore, where you can find many activities, beautiful landscapes, to historical destinations. Here are some of our recommendations for your next visit to West Bali:

1. Menjangan Island

menjangan island

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Menjangan Island is a heaven for divers and snorkelers because of its beautiful underwater marine life, well preserved coral reef gardens, tropical fish and white sand. It is an uninhabited island that is situated in the protected marine reserve which makes it a part of West Bali National Park. Menjangan is Indonesian word for deer. The name Menjangan was given by the locals that observe wild deer herds swimming to the island, and if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon the deer when you are there. To reach Menjangan, it will take around 3 hours trip from Kuta or Denpasar to Labuan Lalang, Singaraja then ride a boat for around 30 minutes to reach the island. If you want stay over, you can try to stay at The Menjangan Resort which offers an array of adventurous activities.


2. Sanctuary of Jaya Prana and Layonsari

jayaprana layonsari

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Europe is not the only place with tragically romantic love story like Romeo and Juliet, in Bali there’s a love story of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari. Local legend said that Jaya Prana, a servant and foster son of Kalianget Kingdom’s King, that fell in love with Layon Sari. Once he saw Layon Sari’s beauty, the King fell in love and wanted to have Layon Sari for himself, so he ordered Patih Saunggaling to kill Jaya Prana. When Layon Sari heard that Jaya Prana died and she was demanded to marry the king,she decided to kill herself rather than marrying the guy who killed her husband. This story is very famous in Bali and there’s the sanctuary of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari or temple that is also famous as historical destination. Located in a forest area of Teluk Terima, Sumber Klampok village, Gerokgak, Singaraja.


3. Karang Sewu

karang sewu

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Located at western tip of Bali, Karang Sewu is a beach and bay with beautiful scenery, ocean blue, mangrove and grassy land. There are so many Bidara trees with branches that bent out and makes it look similar to an umbrella where you can have picnic or just relax under the tree. Located around 1 km from the main gate of Gilimanuk harbor, Karang Sewu is a popular destination in Jembrana, West Bali. Furthermore, you can also take mangrove forest tour with traditional boat.


4. Surfing Medewi Beach

medewi beach

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Medewi beach is a paradise for surfer in Bali. Medewi is known as surfing hot spot in West Bali because of its largest waves, usually on July and August, which makes it appointed as one of the best surf spots in Bali. For non-surfers, Medewi is located in a very quiet coastal village that makes it a great place to relax, while the beach is very rocky with pebbles and black sand. Located at Medewi Village, Jembrana.


5. Perancak Beach

perancak beach

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Perancak beach is the favorite tourist destination in Jembrana, West Bali. This beach is famous for its colorful boats in the shoreline that belong to the villagers that work as fishermen. You can also experience baby sea turtles release to the shoreline because Perancak also has a turtle breeding preservation. Furthermore, there is also a circuit arena for motor cross and road race for you who want to test your adrenaline. This place also often used for national scale motor cross and road race. The best place to come to Perancak beach will be in July because you can see their famous Traditional Boat Race.


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