Waterblow: Hidden Rock Cliff in Nusa Dua

Alindra as one of Jimbaran Villas is best place to stay in Bali because it is surrounded with many tourist destinations, one of them is Water Blow. This place can be another destination choice for you when you’re having your holiday in Bali and stay at one of Jimbaran Villas. In this place you can feel the strong blow of big waves crashing against the coral reef, surely it would be fun. It is located on BTDC Area Nusa Dua or around 10 minutes away from Alindra Villa.

The big waves crashing through the sturdy the coral reef and make the sea water smashed and slammed is the reason why it is called Water Blow. To feel the sensation, try standing on the bridge that was built on the coral reef purposely to make it safer. Normally, the big waves occurred on the daytime and dusk.

Good luck!

Photo source: www.cuinbali.com