Ethnic compound as the heartbeat of Alindra Villa

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Alindra villa was built in 1998. At that time this villa was named Villa Oasis until 2013 when they cooperate with Avilla Hospitality management. Alindra itself have some compound such as Ethnic compound, Pool Villa and Terracotta compound. The owner  is an architect and a painter. He loves art very much and each Ethnic villa came from Indonesian cultural houses. With his touch we can feel the luxury in this cultural houses. He decorated each of these villa with paintings that he drew and totems.

We have two types of Ethnic villa, one and two bedroom villa. We named it Ethnic I, II, III and IV. Ethnic I and IV are the one bedroom villas, Ethnic II and III are two bedroom villas. Ethnic One is the combination between the traditional Kudus Joglo of Centre Java.  Ethnic two is Balinese elements fused with a traditional Makobang Minahasa house from Sulawesi. Ethnic three is a typical hut from Makobang Minahasa  Sulawesi which is separated into two bedrooms of Single and Queen bed. Last but not least, Ethnic four is the Balinese community hall of Bualu village, Nusa Dua which was rescued from total demolition and transformed into a twin queen bedroom villa.  Some people says that the uniqueness of the Ethnic villas have become the heartbeat of Alindra villa.